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Our Methodology

Because we're experts at the software solutions we implement, we generally follow the methodology recommended by the software provider. However, in all cases, we've incorporated extensive, proprietary enhancements to these methodologies based on our extensive experience and learning, especially in multinational, multi-site implementations where a more complex methodology is typically required.

Take J.D. Edwards, for example - our consultants are trained in the J.D. Edwards Fast Track Implementation Methodology, but we've gone a step further with extensive enhancements. These include:

  • A thorough but quick capture of the requirements via process maps, a report matrix, and extreme examples
  • A swift discovery of the gaps and issues by configuring a pilot environment using the fewest transactions possible
  • A focus on the business's functional process flow - emphasizing business optimization
  • A disciplined change management process for resolving gaps and issues within the required processes
  • Training and knowledge transfer using our just enough, just-in-time methodology
  • A dynamic solution assurance process that documents the conscious changes in scope and the standards that must be achieved and maintained before going live

For multi-site implementations, additional steps are added to publish worldwide standards and establish a model environment or business model that incorporates all business scenarios (except regional regulatory requirements). The result is a formal yet flexible project management approach, with highly robust change management methodologies. Your company will get the following benefits:

  • A better product
  • More rapid deployment
  • More complete knowledge transfer
  • Much lower total project cost in terms of both dollars and internal resources

One of the key elements of our methodology, and our number one project objective, is complete knowledge transfer. Bi-directional in nature (not unidirectional) and embedded into every project task, this concept is applied to both the project methodology and business process. We accomplish this through our industry-oriented trainers who specialize in fully and dynamically documented, just-enough, just-in-time training, resulting in an implementation process that is efficient, cost-effective, and minimizes the impact of organizational changes that frequently result from the implementation.

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