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Energy & Chemical

Chevron Overseas Petroleum, Inc. (COPI)
We supported COPI worldwide client sites for over eight years. Implementation sites included the United States, Great Britain, the CIS, Kazakhstan, Angola, Nigeria, Venezuela and China.

The business challenges varied by site but included the need to replace old and archaic systems to bring these facilities into Chevron compliance for standard operating divisions. We brought financial, distribution and payroll systems together into a single integrated system and provided management with accurate and timely data.

We incorporated Electronic Commerce (EDI), secure electronic banking and developed interfaces to Ariba. We supported COPI Equipment/Plant Management facilities both by interfacing to some installed systems and by replacing existing systems with J.D. Edwards time and service billing. We were the system architects and responsible for project management. At COPI there is a strong emphasis toward capitalizing on business process improvement opportunities through re-engineering and system integration. We support multi-language and multi-currency requirements at each site. We implemented almost every module of the J.D. Edwards Financial, Distribution, Job Cost, Equipment/Plant Maintenance, HRM and Container Management Suites over the time span of our efforts there.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
This project was faced with tight deadlines for implementing J.D. Edwards OneWorld software to beat a Y2K problem in conjunction with significant organizational and process change in a bureaucratic governmental culture. Our team evaluated and re-engineered the client's business processes and led a facilitative team towards best business and technology practices enabled by the J.D. Edwards OneWorld package. We led the client from an old mainframe legacy system to a state-of-the-art client-server environment. This project required twelve team members and thirty-five client members to implement J.D. Edwards OneWorld Distribution, Financials and Equipment Maintenance interfaced to Maximo within a twelve-month timeframe.

Koa Oil, Ltd.
Koa Oil had requirements for dual language in Japanese and English, as well as a need for an accounting and financial system that would give management information needed for optimizing efficiency. We first established systems to track costs and make departments within Koa accountable for expenses against budget and "profit by product batches." Then we installed an oil accounting system to anticipate potential revenue, margins and cost of sales as well as anticipate both sales and purchases of crude oil 120 days in advance. This enabled management to make decisions regarding price negotiation, refinery process optimization or do/not to do business decisions while choices could still be made, as opposed to the former process of using historical information placed into a linear forecasting model. We had a team of seven consultants and nine client members who implemented the entire J.D. Edwards Financial and Distribution Suites.

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Agriculture & Food Processing

Dole Food Company
We were responsible for the successful worldwide implementation of this multi-site, multinational client. We installed twelve J.D. Edwards modules worldwide, with a focused attention on finance, distribution and sales order processing. Dole's worldwide client sites included the United States, Costa Rica, Columbia, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Thailand and the Philippines.

We served Dole as their preferred implementation partner for over five years to implement and maintain J.D. Edwards WorldSoft and OneWorld solutions at its most significant sites. We succeeded in sites with Arthur Andersen by mobilizing consultants with deep skills and experience, with fluent language and cultural skills for the regions and a strong focus on transferring knowledge to our customer.

We began our work by conducting interviews, listening and working with people at corporate and then at each subsidiary to ensure they clearly understood the needs of the business. We implemented a standard model company configuration including a worldwide chart of accounts. Each subsidiary faced its own set of challenges, and our team provided "no-mod" solutions tailored to each need. Then we planned the solutions that would meet those needs, enhanced the model company template and implemented the J.D. Edwards solutions that fit each subsidiary's requirements. The J.D. Edwards solutions included Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Budget and Allocations, Inventory Management, Sales Order Processing, Purchasing, Job Cost and Fixed Assets and Equipment Maintenance.

We also developed interfaces to Grower Accounting, Marketing Analysis, Maximo Plant Maintenance and BPIC Shop Floor Control.

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Engineering & Construction

University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors
University Mechanical refurbishes energy plants, heating and ventilation systems, and designs and builds cogeneration facilities. We installed J.D. Edwards Financial, Payroll, Distribution, Manufacturing, Equipment Plant Maintenance and Service Billing, and implemented systems to estimate and budget maintenance routines and track engineer schedules as well as parts, cost and profitability by project.

Troy Design
Troy Design is a subcontractor to the auto industry and is responsible for the engineering of cars designed by the automakers. Troy uses their employee base, contracts and temp-to-hire, primarily in time and service operations. Our team designed the Human Resource, Service Billing, Time and Service Billing, Payroll, Contract Billing and Work Order Management systems. We were responsible for integrating hiring, recruiting and orientation on the supply side, and job requirements on the revenue side. Our goal was to reduce turnover, maximize utilization and improve the matching of skill sets to the job requirements.

International Technologies
At International Technologies, we managed a team of eight Business and Programmer Analysts responsible for continuing system development, maintenance and support of approximately 450 users in over 30 office locations in the following applications: Payroll, Human Resources, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Contract Management, Job Cost, Billing, Equipment and Inventory Management. We designed, tested, documented, trained (over 150 users), installed and provided post go-live support in Purchasing and Contract Management modules based on J.D. Edwards software.

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