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EAI - Enterprise Application Integration

In our current fast-paced world, being just-in-time sometimes isn't fast enough. It isn't good enough to have integrated systems within your organization; you must have collaboration with your complete supply chain (from vendors, through your organization to customers and back). The organization that anticipates its customers needs and delivers timely, quality products and service is the one that will survive to see 2005.

More and more successful organizations are recognizing the value of this Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) - the integration of enterprise applications and information, and the automation of processes that allow the seamless and real-time accessibility and use of this information to manage business processes, expedite transactions, support mission-critical decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

FusionBridge can help your enterprise realize the promise of EAI. With our deep experience in implementing business optimization software and customer-facing Web applications, as well as our strong technical expertise, we can analyze, recommend, and implement the right EAI software solution to integrate your systems and data by converting your data into information - information that is so current, accurate, and reliable, you can be confident about making aggressive management and strategic decisions, and gain a significant competitive advantage.

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