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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Suite Selection

When it comes to evaluating and selecting our customers' ERP software suites, FusionBridge takes an unbiased, independent view. Since our expert team can plan, implement, and support any of the leading ERP suites (including J.D. Edwards, Lawson, Oracle, and PeopleSoft), and because we're not partnered or otherwise tethered to any software vendor, we're able to identify, and implement, the package that's best-suited for our customers' needs.

By maintaining our independence from vendors and through deep understanding of the capabilities of the leading ERP vendors and their products, we provide our clients with an unbiased view of their capabilities and guidance toward an ideal solution.

Our selection process follows a very simple methodology:

  • Review the current state environment
  • Plan for and develop the future state environment including business and functional requirements
  • Compare the future state needs of the business against the capabilities of the leading vendors (either with our specialist or by asking all the vendors to respond to a detailed RFP)
  • Eliminate vendors who do not meet a sufficient (predefined) percentage of your needs
  • Script and challenge a limited number of vendors through thorough demonstrations
  • Validate vendor claims and representations through comprehensive reference checks and site visits
  • Finalize vendor selection, negotiate contract
  • Plan the solution implementation

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