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FusionBridge Healthcare is strategically positioned to help both first and third world countries with their healthcare infrastructure, processes and systems through its partnerships with leading edge Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions and integration software.

FusionBridge Healthcare resolves the traditional issues of low acceptance and usage rates of new technology in outlying clinics, intermediate care facilities, and in major hospitals. 

Our partnership with AMR brings powerful wireless tablet technology to bear for doctors and other healthcare providers by creating a single and secure patient record that is accessible regardless of the where the patient seeks or is referred to for treatment.

The user interface is tailored to be almost identical to the forms and formats currently used by medical and dental practitioners, being a digital representation of existing forms. Practitioners interface with the system via an advanced handwriting (character recognition) option, voice recognition, or via scanner.

Integrating and Extending Existing Solutions

Our relationships with Summit Healthcare and X-Link allow us to extend and integrate solutions from this EMR front end to most HIS and CIS solutions in the marketplace today, and most importantly also bringing our skills in integration to the ERP solutions within a hospital or for a network or healthcare facilities, up to and including for an entire country. This ensures accurate, accessible, secure patient information, capture of accounting, receivables, and other financial information without the need to duplicate data entry or manually summarize for input.

Our ERP practice can help extend and implement leading solutions used in hospitals today, including PeopleSoft, Lawson, and Great Plains.  This includes HRMS, Finance, Materials Management right through Executive Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators.

Strategic Healthcare Surveys and Planning Services

Our Healthcare leadership team brings over 20 years of detailed, hands on experience in assessing, designing, and improving Healthcare programs and technology.  By melding our extremely strong Program Management skills with this healthcare experience, we aid Countries in the development of sustainable, flexible healthcare delivery, training, systems, and techniques that will improve the lives and care available to indigenous people. These programs provide the tools and infrastructure to, capture accurate data for medical practitioners, referral systems, and health authorities. They also reduce the possibility of insurance fraud, drug abuse, and other costly care issues.

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