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Strategic Planning

Does your company have a Strategic Information System Plan (SISP)? If not, your IT systems will have a tough time incorporating the changing aspects of your business (growth, changing business focus, acquisitions, etc.) smoothly - or at all.

Our team of seasoned IT professionals can work with you to craft a SISP that will become the road map that ensures that the IT projects your organization undertake are in sync with the direction of your business, are timed so that you invest in the right technology when you need it, and are built on a solid foundation of policies, principles, and people.

We follow a simple three-step process to develop the SISP for your business:

1. Analyze Situation

  • Review your existing business strategy
  • Review business operations
  • Review your existing systems and current state systems plan (if you have one)
  • Identify short-term improvements (low hanging fruit you can benefit from immediately)

2. Design The Solution

  • Define high-level requirements
  • Develop the high-level design
  • Develop solutions alternatives

3. Develop the Strategic Information Systems Plan

  • Application architecture
  • Technology architecture
  • Data architecture
  • Organizational architecture
  • Establish and prioritize projects

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