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The FusionBridge Nine-Step Recruitment Process

1) We get to know your company, management team, product and culture.

2) We construct a blueprint for the ideal candidate based on:

  • Technical skills (e.g., finance/accounting, programming, operating platforms, etc.)
  • Personal attributes
  • Cultural fit
  • Motivational drivers
  • Leadership abilities (not conceptual)
  • What they've done that fits your needs (not what they might do)

3) We reach out to our contacts (within your specified geographic parameters) seeking potential qualified candidates for the position.

4) We conduct multiple behavioral interviews to separate performers from imposters or individuals who know the concepts but cannot apply them in the real world.

5) After reviewing a preliminary list of qualified candidates with you to refine our search parameters, we select the top three candidates for more in-depth evaluations.

6) The top candidates receive a series of three individual assessments designed to identify key personal traits and observable leadership and technical skills. We also conduct preliminary background checks of candidate finalists.

7) We present you the superstars who have made our cut. You receive a complete dossier including results of all assessments given.

8) We provide assistance in negotiating final compensation. We then complete all background checks and reference interviews.

9) We follow-up after the successful candidate starts to ensure their performance is on target.

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